Coonamitt Bridge

Coonamitt Bridge

The Coonamit bridge is a DARE type timber truss road bridge located on the Moulamein/Swan Hill Road (MR 386) Approximately 30km from Swan Hill and 39km from Moulamein, over the Wakool River, which is maintained by the NSW RTA. It was constructed in 1929.

It has two timber truss spans, each of 28.2m (93 ft). There are 5 approach spans at one end and 2 at the other, giving the bridge an overall length of 128.0m (420 ft).

 The superstructure is supported by timber trestles and provides a carriageway with a minimum width of 5.5m. The guard rail is of timber post and rail construction and extends the full length of the bridge.

As a timber truss road bridge, it has many associated links with important historical events and trends, including the expansion of the road network and economic activity throughout NSW.

The Coonamit bridge is a representative example of DARE truss road bridges, and is assessed as being State significant, primarily on the basis of its technical and historical significance. The Coonamit bridge is also the last timber truss bridge built in NSW.

The Coonamit has had numerous maintenance and repairs carried out over the years including rehabilitation of truss and approach spans (including re decking), strengthening of truss spans in 1998. During these works a low level bridge was placed near the bridge approx 30m upstream and traffic diverted from the bridge route.

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