Nyah Lift Span Bridge

Is a structural steel, lift span bridge, 2 lanes wide across the Murray River, was built in 1941 and is maintained by the NSW RTA.

The main axis of the bridge is East/West. There are 3 main spans including one lift span, supported on concrete piers. There are 2 approach spans at each end. The approach spans have steel L beams on concrete piers. All decks are concrete.

The 3 main spans including the lift span are constructed using main external fabricated steel girder, steel cross girders, and longitudinal stringers. The spans are 21.2m, 18.9 (lift span) and 21.2m. The superstructure sits on concrete piers on concrete piles.

The lift span is unusual for Murray Bridges due to its later construction. The main supporting structure is fabricated from rolled sections, with only the top section being latticed. The lift span was locked to prevent operation.

The approach spans on both ends (end spans 10.1, next span 10.8 both ends) have fine steel beam supporting the deck which sit on a concrete headstand on concrete piles. There is no dedicated footway, and a pipe and chain wire handrail.

The bridge has a clearance above normal water level of 7.6m with the lift span chord and 16.4m with the lift span.

Nyah was the only village settlement established as part of a campaign in 1894 introduced by the South Australian Government to combat unemployment during the economic difficulties during the 1890s.

The Victorian Government offered land for settlers, with 20ha per person but without pumping assistance. In 1906 the Victorian Government at last provided a steam pump and opened up 800ha of Mallee adjacent for more settlers. Nyah, as it became known, was a success, supplying both fresh grapes to Melbourne and dried fruits more widely. A significant iron foundry for agricultural machinery & pumps also developed.

On the NSW side of the River, but inland from it, Koraleigh had developed, similar irrigated fruit crops. To make better communications between Nyah & Koraleigh, a bridge was planned in 1939 & opened with a lift span in 1941.

The lift span is necessary because the normal clearance is only 5m when span is closed, & 13.8m when open. The bridge has remained unchanged.

The Nyah bridge has considerable social significance as a main artery across the Murray, and hence of considerable importance to the lives of residents.

There is a submerged cable in the river under the bridge on the right hand side when heading to Nyah from Koraleigh. (There is warning signage on both sides of river).

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