Grain Storage Sheds at Moulamein

Moulamein Grain Shed (Rice)

Rice & wheat silos are located on a parcel of land on corner of Tallow Street (Hay Road) and Tchelery Road (Road to tip), with the sheds facing Tchelery Road.

Moulameins original grain storage shed was built in 1969, with additions and extensions carried out over the years, to what you see today.

The story goes that the shed wasnt quite finished for the rice season, so trucked 6.5 tonnes of rice from Burraboi in September when finished, to say had some rice in it!!!

Rice Storage Facility consists of weigh bridge area, testing station, storage sheds with drying fans and four (4) unloading pits. Also incorporates a Wheat Storage Facility with weighbridge, testing station and unloading pits.

Depending upon the varieties grown as to how much grain is stored. The original facility was capable of storing 40 000 bag grain, however with extensions & additional facilities added over recent years, it is now capable of storing 60,000 tonnes.

Previously used to transport the grain to the mills via train, however recently have closed the railway line and now trucking grain out by road, much to the concern of the Local Council with mounting road maintenance costs as a result.

The sheds are owned & operated by the Rice Marketing Board, which has local growers as members.