Moulamein Wharf


Constructed in 1908 the Wharf still stands as a reminder of bygone days when the town prospered as an inland port, when the River system was the most effective means of transport for local produce. The Wharf has recently undergone restoration works during 2008, resulting from successful grant applications.  Some river cargo boats that travelled the river were the Australien built 1897, Clyde - 1888 and Glimpse - 1883.

The two former boats were owned by a Mr Wallan, and the Glimpse was owned by Arbuthnot sawmills. The barges of Wallans boats were named the Zulu and the Federal.

The Ferret was built in Echuca in 1883, owned by Mr Wilson. The first Goldsborough was built in 1875 at Echuca, the second built in 1898 at Woorooma on Langtrys Island, owned by Lachlan McBean of Woorooma Station.

The Engineer was Davie Jackson and was used to run from Woorooma to Echuca. The coming of the railway line in 1926 caused the end of the river traffic.