Schools - Government

Listed below are the schools, including pre schools, located throughout the Shire. Contact details are included.

Barham Primary School
PO Box 32
Barham NSW 2732
Ph: 54532133

Barham High School
38 Gonn Street
Barham NSW 2732
Ph: 0354532322

Barham Pre School Association
49 Noorong Street
Barham NSW 2732
Ph: 0354532308

Mallan Public School
Via Swan Hill VIC 3585
Ph: 0350340539

Moulamein Public School
Brougham Street
PO Box 125
Moulamein NSW 2733
Ph: 0358875208

Moulamein Pre School
PO Box 76
15 Turora Street
Moulamein NSW 2733
Ph: 0358875246

Tooleybuc Central School
Lockharts Road
Tooleybuc NSW 2736
Ph: 0350305422

Tooleybuc Pre School
51 Cadell Street
PO Box 25
Tooleybuc NSW 2736
Ph: 0350305128

Wakool Primary School
Flinders Street
Wakool NSW 2710
Ph: 0358871126

Wakool Pre School
32 Bass Street
Wakool NSW 2710
Ph: 0358871122

Below is a link to the Australian Schools Directory which contains all Government and private schools in Australia.  Helps find schools by location and type.  Click on the link below: