Application Forms for Engineering Services

As Councils Engineering Services Department emcompasses a broad range of activies and services, there is a number of generic application forms that are available for use by the public. Some examples include Irrigation Channel & Pipe Crossings or Boring under Councils Roads, Works in a Shire Road (includes Road Reserve Area), Installation of Grid & Gates and Sundry Debtor for Private Works Forms just to name a few.

Engineering Services

Engineering - What is it? What are Engineering Services?

Generally, people think Roads and Bridges.  Whilst this is the bulk of our Councils Engineering responsibilities, it covers a far wider and broader range of services including:

Pedestrian Access - Bike/Walking Paths, Local Emergency Plans, Risk Management, Stormwater, Water, Sewerage Schemes, Parks, Playgrounds, Cemeteries, Noxious Weeds, Aerodrome, Rural Addressing just to name a few!  So as you can see Engineering Services is a very broad term. 

Our Engineering Dept has a budget of approximately $7M - not including the huge project currently underway through Auslink & Roads to Rice Funding.

Council has seventy five (75) bridges, forty five (45) of these being of timber construction and tries to replace two (2) bridges per year, utilising a combination of it's own labour and contract. Regional Roads, Local Roads etc.

To see more of what our Engineering Dept handles, use the links in the sidebar to the left to access the subsections of this area of the site.

Swimming Pools

Via the links below you'll find all you need to know about Swimming Pool Regulations including safety tips, requirments for installing a new pool and new changes to the Swimming Pools Act designed to enhance the safety of children under the age of five years around private ('backyard') swimming pools in NSW.

For a quicklink to the new ONLINE SWIMMING POOL REGISTER click here.

Any additional information can be obtained by contacting Council's Development Services Department on 03 5453 3200.

ATO Information for Property Development

Property transactions can be complex, to support taxpayers, the ATO has developed a range of publications.  For every property transaction you make, you need to think about tax implications.

Including information that:

  • Outline the various goods and services tax (gst) treatments on property acquisition, development and disposal
  • Can assist taxpayers and developers meet their taxation obligations and can be accessed on ATO website atwww.ato.gov.au

To help you determine property related GST obligations, refer to the GST & Property Guide on the ATO Website - alternatively simply click here Property Development

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