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Wakool Shire Council is a small local Council, with huge potential and a lot to offer new investors, developers or new residents.  It's diversity is one of it's major assets.  The Shire is located in south western Riverina, between the two mighty rivers of the Murray and Murrumbidgee.

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About the Shire

Wakool Shire is a small rural Council with a lot to offer new investors, developers or new residents. It includes the townships of Barham, Moulamein, Wakool, Tooleybuc and Murray Downs along with smaller villages such as Koraleigh and Goodnight. Wakool Shire is located in the south western Riverina, between the two mighty rivers of the Murray and Murrumbidgee. The Shire takes its name from the Wakool River which together with the Murray and the Edward Rivers supplies the water for the large range of irrigation products grown in this rich agricultural region. 

Rural Fire Service

Rural Fire Service Activities are now carried out under agreements between the Rural Fire Service and Council. Council is a member of the Mid Murray Zone Rural Fire Service.  The zone now administered by the RFS, consists of the Shires of Wakool, Murray, Deniliquin, Conargo and Jerilderie.

GAC - Government Access Centres

Council has two Government Access Centres (GAC) which are located at:

Business Centre

Hours 9.30am to 1pm Monday to Friday

Morago Street
Ph: 035887 5354
Fax: 03 5887 5352

Email: moulgac@bigpond.com

Barham Branch Office

Hours: 9am-5pm (RMS services till 4.PM)

15 Murray Street
Ph 03 5453 3200
Fax: 03 5453 3122

What are Government Access Centres?

The NSW Government has established Government Access Centres (GAC) across NSW to give people living in country towns similar access to services and information as city residents.

Your Government Access Centre can:

  • Provide information on a range of government activities and services
  • Undertake agreed transactions on behalf of various agencies
  • Organise referrals and appointments for visiting agency staff
  • Help you get expert advice

Generally GACs are one stop shops for government services. They provide convenient face to face customer focused government services for rural and remote communities. The following are a list of services available at your GAC:

Attorney Generals Department

(Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages)

  • NSW Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
  • Forms for change of name
  • Forms to register your will

Office of Fair Trading

  • Building licences
  • Owner Builder Permit
  • Association applications
  • Business registration
  • Consumer complaints
  • Applications for hearing by the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
  • Supply of publications

NSW Fisheries

  • Recreational fishing licenses

Department of Housing

  • Rentstart (Rental Bond) assistance
  • Public Housing Register (wait turn housing)
  • Priority Assistance
  • People with special needs

National Parks & Wildlife Services

  • Issue of annual National Parks entry passes

Infringement Processing Bureau

  • Payment of Infringement Notices ie On spot fines (Note: payments for these are only able to be accepted by cash or money order and prior to the due date).


  • Recreational Vessel Registration Renewals
  • Boat license renewals
  • Private Mooring renewals
  • Commercial vessel renewal
  • Commercial vessel renewals including with survey
  • Change of Name/address/vessel details
  • Pamphlets and instructional material

Roads & Maritime Services

  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Driver license renewal
  • Transfer of registration
  • Notice of disposal
  • Duplicate registration certificate or label
  • Change of address

Library Services

Welcome to the Library services section of our website.

Swan Hill Regional Library are our partners in suppling library services to our residents.


Audio BooksDownload Digital Magazine Icon


Below is a list of libraries available and opening hours as well as a link to the online catalogue where you will find all the info you need. Happy Reading!

Barham Library
Opening Hours: Tuesday & Friday 12pm-5pm
Thursday 10am-3pm
Sat 10am-12pm
Phone: (03) 5453 2642
Street Address: 15 Murray St, Barham 2732
Moulamein Library
Opening Hours: Tuesday & Fri 2pm-6.30pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm
Phone: (03) 5887 5024
Street Address: Morago St, Moulamein 2733
Wakool Mobile Library
Fortnightly stop every second Monday opposite the Wakool Cafe 12.15pm - 2.15pm
and the Wakool/Burraboi Primary School (except during school holidays)
Timetable available at the Wakool Cafe Phone: (03) 5887 1217


Tooleybuc Mobile Library

Fortnightly stop every second Friday at:

1. Tooleybuc Preschool: 11.15 - 11.45pm

2. Tooleybuc School: 12.00 - 1.30pm (special times in school holidays)

3. Main street, Tooleybuc: 2.15 - 3.00pm Free call 1800 061914 or 0419329147.

Timetable available at any branch, from Swan Hill Regional Library or online at www.swanhill.vic.gov.au/quicklinks/libraries/


Swan Hill Regional Library Website

Community Strategic Plan - Vision 2023

Community Strategic Plan - Vision 2023 - Wakool

Vision 2023 is Wakool Shire's ten-year Community Strategic Plan that identifies the community's main priorities and aspirations for the future.

All councils in NSW are now required to develop a Community Strategic Plan (CSP) that:

  • Is developed and endorsed by Council
  • Identifies the main priorities and  goals for the future of the Shire
  • Must cover a minimum time frame of 10 years
  • Establishes strategic objectives together with strategies to achieve them
  • Must address social, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues and;
  • Must give due regard to the State Plan and other relevant state and regional plans.

To this, Wakool Shire's plan contains strategies for how Council, community groups, and other agencies can achieve specified goals and takes into account Council's role in ensuring community assets, roads, buildings and other infrastructure are maintained and continue to meet community requirements.

Whilst Vision 2023 is the overall plan for council operations, it is also supported by a staff resourcing strategy, four-year delivery program and a one-year operational plan; all required to be developed in order to implement Vision 2023.

The final plans for 2014 can be viewed by clicking the following links below:

Combined Delivery Program 2013-2017 and Operational Plan 2014-2015

Resourcing Strategy - 2014-2024

Resourcing Strategy pt 2 Long Term Financial Plan - 2014-2024 Updated

Community Strategic Plan


Asset Managment Plans

As a supporting process to our Community Strategic Plan, a series of asset management plans have also been developed. These plans in particular identify assets that are critical to Council's operations and include specific actions required to improve Council's asset management capability. The asset plans have been broken down into three categories and can be viewed via the downloads below:

ASSET PLAN 1: Transport Infrastructure, Stormwater Drainage and Parks & Recreation

(PDF - 9589.26KB)

ASSET PLAN 2: Buildings, Plant & Equipment and Waste Management

(PDF - 9524.14KB)

ASSET PLAN 3: Water Supply and Sewerage Services (PDF - 3738.8KB)



Below you will find  links to relevant documents or information that helped with the development of Council's Community Strategic Plan or that can provide more information on the plan itself.