Request for Service - Complaint Forms


Service ButtonRequest for Service is simply that, a request for something to be fixed, carried out or notifying of something requiring repairs ie pot holes, road grading, footpath hazard, tree trimming/removal, enquiry on rates or water account, drainage nuisance, wandering dogs, noise and/or dust problems or missing signs.

A Complaint on the other hand is an expression of dissatisfaction with Council's decisions, policies, procedures, charges, employees, contractors/agents or the quality of service it provides.

It is important to note that a complaint is not the same as a request for service and a separate form is provided for completion.  Each form states what is covered by the form.  Also note that request for service submissions do not automatically have feedback or a response.

Compliment Form (PDF) (84.3 KB)

Policies & Procedures

A number of the Policies or Procedures have attached items, which can be printed out by clicking in the downloadable document box on the document required.

Please note the list is not exhaustive and Council retains the right to alter, update and delete any Policy or part thereof.

For further information on Council's Policies, if are looking for something in particular and it is not listed, please contact Council's Moulamein Office on 03 5887 5007.

Shire Wire

Shire Wire is Wakool Shire Council's quarterly newsletter and keeps residents up-to-date with events, features and council news.

The publication goes to mailboxes right accross the Shire in February, May, August and November each year.

Click the downloads below to view the latest copy of Shire Wire.




Wakool Shire Wire February 2016 (PDF) (4.79MB)


Wakool Shire Wire November 2015

Wakool Shire Wire August 2015

Wakool Shire Wire June 2015 (PDF) (2.04 MB)

Wakool Shire Wire February 2015


Wakool Shire Wire November 2014

Wakool Shire Wire August 2014 (PDF) (2.73 MB)


Wakool Shire Wire November 2013 (PDF) (1.99 MB)

Wakool Shire Wire August 2013 (PDF) (2.98 MIB)

Wakool Shire Wire May 2013 (PDF) (2.78 MIB)

Wakool Shire Wire February 2013 (PDF - 2499.21KB)


Wakool Shire Wire February 2012 (PDF - 1233.76KB)

Wakool Shire Wire May 2012 (PDF - 1830.42KB)

Wakool Shire Wire November 2012 (PDF - 1971.14KB)


Wakool Shire Wire August 2011 (PDF - 2053.67KB)

Wakool Shire Wire November 2011 (PDF - 6574.31KB)

Application Forms

To make the process easy for you, our application forms are listed under the relevant departments.


Click here for Building and Planning Forms, such as DA's and Construction Certificates etc

Click here for the Engineering, Road and Traffic Forms such as Road Openings, Vehicle Crossings and Private Works Equipment Hire etc.

Other forms not relating to these departments can be found below.

If you have any queries relating to a particular form please contact Council on 03 5887 5007.


Fees, Rates & Charges

Below is Council's Fees and Charges document for the current financial year. This document covers all associated fees of council from development applications to waste charges to library fees.




Council rates are levied at the beginning of each financial year.

Details of all payment options can be found on you rate or instalment notice.

Council provides ratepayers with the option of either paying rates in full, by the first instalment date, or paying by instalments. If you choose to pay on the instalment program, ie a payment each quarter, the rate instalment schedule is listed below. Reminder notices are sent out one month prior to the due date. 

  • 1st Instalment Due 31st August
  • 2nd Instalment Due 30th November
  • 3rd Instalment Due 28th February
  • 4th Instalment Due 31st May

Late payments do incur interest on a daily basis, which if not included in the next instalment will carry over to the next instalment & appears as arrears.

If you require information or if having difficulties making your rates payments, please contact our Rates Officer at the Moulamein Office on 03 5887 5007.

Council does have a Hardship Policy and payment arrangements can be organised.