Design Specifications for Development & Subdivision

Engineering Services Department has a number of Specifications for Development and Subdivision of Land within Wakool Shire which are to be used as guidelines with new and proposed development. They include:

  • D1-Geometric Road Design (Urban & Rural)
  • D2-Pavement Design
  • D3-Structures/Bridge Design
  • D4-Subsurface Drainage Design
  • D5-Stormwater Drainage Design
  • D6-Site Regrading
  • D7-Erosion Control & Stormwater Management
  • D8-Waterfront Development
  • D9-Cycleway & Pathway Design
  • D10-Bushfire Protection
  • D11-Water Reticulation
  • D12-Sewerage System

Copies of these Design Specifications are available for printing or viewing in the downloadable document box at the bottom of the page. Please be aware some of the Specifications are quite large & will take some time to download, probably best to save as onto own computer & then open. If you require any further information please contact Councils Engineering Department at the Moulamein Office on 03 58875007 or complete an online request form, located at the bottom of the page.

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Sewerage System Guidelines (PDF 257 kb)

Water Reticulation Guidelines (PDF 231 kb)

Bushfire Protection Guidelines (PDF 141 kb)

Cycleway & Pathway Design Guidelines (PDF 101 kb)

Waterfront Development Guidelines (PDF 336 kb)

Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Guidelines (PDF 285 kb)

Site Regrading Guidelines (PDF 109 kb)

Stormwater Drainage Design Guidelines (PDF 154 kb)

Subsurface Drainage Design Guidelines (PDF 141 kb)

Structures/Bridge Design Guidelines (PDF 99.9 kb)

Pavement Design Guidelines (PDF 134 kb)

Road Design Guidelines (Urban & Rural) (PDF 357kb)