Disaster/Contingency Plan

Council's Discovery Recover and Business Continuity Plan for the Wakool Shire Offices was established to ensure continuity of Council business services.  The plan relates to the Council offices.

If a disaster affects the offices as well as parts or all of the Wakool Shire area, this plan is to be used in conjunction with the Shire of  Wakool Local Disaster Plan (Displan)

The plan outlines processes, in the case of a disaster in particular office, needed in certain circumstances.


Major risks are the destruction or semi-destruction of records and/or equipment either electronic or paper based and the plan ensures that we are able to have the best possible chance of returning to normal operations quickly, effectively and efficiently.

A copy of the plan is availble by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page in the downloadable document box.

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Disaster Recovery Plan - WSC Offices (PDF 109KB)