Land Use Study 2009


The Land Use Study  (LUS) follows the preparation of a Local Profile and an Issues Paper. These outlined, respectively, the existing conditions within the Shire, and particular issues which threaten the identified Vision and thus need to be addressed by the LUS.



The LUS sets out a series of development potentials and objectives to address some of the identified issues, in a land use context. The key outcome of the LUS is identification of land parcels within the Shire for which a change of zone is recommended.



The LEP is essentially a governance tool for land use planning and management in the Shire. The strategic basis for the current LEP (gazetted in 1998) historically comprised broad Council policy and reinforced the historic settlement and activity patterns. It has been acknowledged that the Shire is facing a range of internal challenges and issues in terms of economic structure, population and dwelling characteristics as well as external threats such as water security and climate change. Therefore, the strategic context of the Shire has shifted and there is a need to revise both the strategic basis for land use as well as the LEP itself in order that the Shire can approach these challenges with the greatest chance of success.


Our approach to preparing this has been: 

  • Decision making based on community aspirations, vision and values together with robust analysis of local trends and issues;
  • Prioritising the Shire's limited resources to achieve sustainable outcomes;
  • Using community knowledge to identify opportunities for stimulating the local economy and assist the community to gain a greater understanding of the existing social, economic and environmental trends within the Shire;
  • Acknowledging that the LUS and LEP is an important, but not sole tool in achieving the community's vision and objectives.


Therefore, in the context of the overall study process, the purpose of this report is to provide a long term strategic framework for land use and management in the Shire of Wakool. Both the content and aims of the strategic framework is underpinned by the vision for the Shire, which was identified through an extensive consultation process. The strategic frameworks provide a broad set of principles and directions for future growth and development within the Shire, identifying land use changes which will contribute to a future Shire which is consistent with the vision identified.


A copy of the Land Use Study document is available for viewing/printing by clicking on the link below.  (Please be aware due to the size of the document it will take some time to download & open.)


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