Wakool Shire Design Specifications for Development & Subdivision of Land

Specifications for Development & Subdivision of Land within Wakool Shire are made up of a set of twelve (12) Design Criteria which are to be used as guidelines with new and proposed developments within the Shire.

They include:

  • D1 - Geometric Road Design (Urban & Rural)
  • D2 - Pavement Design
  • D3 - Structures/Bridge Design
  • D4 - Subsurface Drainage Design
  • D5 - Stormwater Drainage Design
  • D6 - Site Regrading
  • D7 - Erosion Control & Stormwater Management
  • D8 - Waterfront Development
  • D9 - Cycleway & Pathway Design
  • D10 - Bushfire Protection
  • D11 - Water Reticulation
  • D12 - Sewerage System

Copies of these Design Specifications are available in the downloadable document section at the bottom of this page.

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Sewerage System (PDF 216 kb)

Water Reticulation (PDF 207 kb)

Bushfire (PDF 85 kb)

Cycleway and Pathway (PDF 63kb)

Waterfront Development (PDF 264kb)

Erosion and Stormwater Management (PDF 216 kb)

Site Re-grading (PDF 64 kb)

Stormwater (PDF 125 kb)

Subsurface Drainage (PDF 90kb)

Structures - Bridges (PDF 56.5kb)

Pavement Design (PDF 93.5kb)

Road Design (Urban-Rural) (PDF 326 kb)