Governance includes a broad range of Policies, that are the guidelines in which Council operates under and are the basis that decisions are made on. Copies of the above mentioned Policies are available by clicking on relevant heading in the downloadable documents box.

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  • Wakool Shire Council - Corporate Services
  • Phone: 03 58875007
  • Fax: 03 58875103



Asset Management Policy (PDF) (100.89 KB)

Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy (PDF) (97.52 KB)

Child Protection Policy and Procedures (PDF) (232.77 KB)

Code of Meeting Practice Policy (PDF) (162.45 KB)

Complaints Management Policy  (PDF) (156.97 KB)

Complaints Management Procedures  (PDF) (221.02 KB)

Customer Service Policy (PDF) (152.75 KB)

Guarantee of Service Policy (PDF) (121.36 KB)

Delegation of Authority to General Manager Policy (PDF) (85.92 KB)

Disaster Recovery Plan Policy (PDF) (104.88 KB)

Wakool Shire Local Disaster Plan (PDF) (911.24 KB)

Donations Rates and Charges Assistance Policy (PDF) (92.18 KB)

Donations Rates and Charges Assistance Program (PDF) (167.09 KB)

Enforcement Policy (PDF) (152.66 KB)

Equal Opportunity Policy (PDF) (93.64 KB)

Flying the Flags at Council Offices Policy (PDF) (124.6 KB)

Fraud Control Policy (PDF) (132.15 KB)

Grievance Handling Procedure (PDF) (136.21 KB)

Grievance Handling Guidelines for Contact Officers (PDF) (121.33 KB)

Grievance Handling Guidelines for Supervisors and Managers (PDF) (97.73 KB)

Internal Audit Policy (PDF) (148.79 KB)

Internal Audit Committee Charter (PDF) (122.81 KB)

Internal Reporting Policy (PDF) (184.23 KB)

Internal Reporting Procedures (PDF) (184.43 KB)

Internet and Email Access Policy (PDF) (94.3 KB)

Investment Policy (PDF) (138.52 KB)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy (PDF) (517.3 KB)

Privacy Management Plan (PDF) (470.77 KB)

Privacy Management Policy (PDF) (140.87 KB)

Procurement Policy (PDF) (164.68 KB)

Risk Management Policy (PDF) (114.56 KB)

Salary System Operation Policies and Procedures (PDF) (163.59 KB)