Request for Service & Complaints Form

To assist Council in identifying any areas of concern that ratepayers and residents have regarding Council's infrastructure, we are encouraging them to notify staff of any problems they find in their day to day activities.

There are over 2000 people regularly utilising this infrastructure every day and if they happen to come across a problem, please notify staff to make them aware.

Residents and ratepayers are asked to complete all sections of the form/s as clearly as possible to enable staff to investigate the request.  The forms can be:

  • faxed to 03 58875103
  • mailed to Private Bag 40 Moulamein NSW 2733
  • handed to Council staff at the Moulamein administration office, Moulamein Business Centre or Barham Branch office


Customer Request for Service Form (PDF) (115.37 KB)

Customer Complaints Form (PDF) (102.63 KB)

Additional Information

Customer Complaint - 2 fold brochure (PDF) (153.4 KB)

Customer Request for Service Brochure (PDF) (135.96 KB)

Customer Service Charter (PDF) (115.17 KB)

Customer Service Charter Brochure (PDF) (156.95 KB)

Customer Service Manual (PDF) (320.14 KB)

Unreasonable Conduct Procedure (PDF) (156.84 KB)