Council’s recently adopted Development Control Plan came into effect in November 2013 following a period of public exhibition.

Our DCP integrates with the controls in the Wakool Local Environmental Plan 2013 and provides greater detail for certain key development types. The plan ensures developments can address any significant environmental and heritage issues on the site, minimise impacts on neighbouring land, and integrate with surrounding buildings and landscape to positively contribute to the Shire.

The Final DCP documents and maps can be downloaded below.

For more information, contact our Development Services Department.

WSC Development Control Plan 2013

4. Appendix 6A - Flooding Nth. (PDF) (429.38 KB)

4. Appendix 6B - Flooding Sth. (PDF) (609.54 KB)

4. Appendix 6C - Moorings Barham. (PDF) (98.09 KB)

4. Appendix 6D - Moorings Moulamein. (PDF) (42.01 KB)

4. Appendix 6E - Moorings Tooleybuc. (PDF) (26.35 KB)

4. Appendix 6F - Sandhills Nth. (PDF) (414.77 KB)

4. Appendix 6G - Sandhills Sth. (PDF) (637.79 KB)