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Wakool Shire - The Place to do Business

Council has a strong commitment to support economic development and community wellbeing, to slow down or reverse population decline, to grow its rates base and to secure the long term financial viability of the organisation and its communities.

Traditionally, economic development has focused on business and industry growth. Contemporary practices in economic development incorporate the broader concept that includes liveability, equity and sustainability, including development of employment prospects and improvements to community wellbeing.

Council has embraced this wider context of economic development which is reflected in its Economic Development Strategy 2014-17.

The Strategy is based on clear directions identified throughout the consultation process undertaken by Council in its preparation of the Vision 2023 Community Strategic Plan.

The themes identified by the community that evolved from this process are:

·         Healthy, culturally rich and inclusive communities (social);

·         Resilient local economies (economic);

·         Sustainable built and natural environments (environment);

·         Democratic and engaged communities (civic leadership).

Strategies and actions under these four headings have been developed and prioritised to encourage strong partnerships with the key industry sectors of agriculture, timber, tourism and niche manufacturing as well as the emerging creative industries sector.

Council is committed to supporting economic development throughout our Shire, building strong and resilient businesses and improving the well-being of its residents.

Additional resources for businesses and the economic profile of the Wakool Shire can be found by clicking on the links below.

For more  information on Council's Economic Development Projects, visit our projects page here.



Wakool Shire Council Economic Development Strategy 2014-17 (PDF) (1.04 MB)

Wakool Shire Council Tourism Strategy (PDF) (1.22 MB)

Wakool Shire Economic Profile (PDF) (1.6 MB)

Wakool Shire Council Community Strategic Plan 2023 (PDF) (1.22 MB)

NSW Economic Development Framework (PDF) (1.69 MB)

Murray Regional Profile (PDF) (6.51 MB)

NSW 2021 Murray Lower Darling Regional Action Plan (PDF) (3.91 MB)

Regional Development Australia – Murray Regional Plan 2013-2016 (PDF) (4.13 MB)

Murray Darling Basin Plan (PDF) (1.14 MB)

Murray Region Tourism Board Destination Management Plan (PDF) (825.05 KB)  

Economic Impact Assessment of the Murray Darling Basin on Wakool Shire (PDF) (925.56 KB)  





 Economic Development and Tourism Manager on 0448 029 352 or email


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