Tooleybuc Community Forum

A community forum was held on 6th August to investigate ways to improve the town centre around the planned bridge replacement.

The top three opportunities that were agreed on by participants were:
1.    Access to river/wharf/pontoon – with disabled access
2.    Relocate or new boat ramp upstream of old bridge and include infrastructure (filleting tables, picnic tables, car and trailer parking, etc)
3.    Branding Tooleybuc as “Centre of the Murray” or “Murray Central”.


Each of these projects has a local project leader and the projects will be developed over the coming four months so the ‘business case’ for each project can be submitted to RMS for support through mitigation measures on impacts to the community from the new bridge.


Additional projects to be followed by Gary Kerr, ED&TM:
1.    Fuel outlet
2.    RV Dump
3.    Upgrade park facilities (toilets, playground, BBQs)
4.    Fix up footpath in front of post office, store and pub
5.    Reactivate Bridge Keepers Cottage with visitor services (info, coffee, etc) including extension of rear verandah.