Wakool Agrifood Naturally

Wakool Agrifood Naturally Feasibility Study

The Wakool Agrifood Naturally Feasibility Study, which was adopted at the 15 October 2014 Wakool Shire Council meeting, recommended the Wakool Agrifood Naturally Cluster (industry development) component is currently viable and should be pursued with the industry and a funding application of $495,000 be lodged by Council with the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program (DP) on behalf of the proposed cluster project.


The cluster project will create a lead not-for-profit organisation with the objectives of driving the following industry development streams:


1.            Value adding;


2.            Marketing and logistics;


3.            Training and events; and


4.            Production systems


The DP funding will be matched over three years by industry and research funding.


Ongoing consultation with the agrifood sector will continue in the lead up to the formation of the cluster organisation.


The feasibility report also identified the restaurant/café and local food outlet as viable however recommended this be delayed until the local agrifood industry developed and matured further under the cluster project.




 Wakool Agrifood Naturally Feasibility Study Summary (PDF) (328.86 KB)