Wakool Community Foundation

A Concept for Enabling Long Term Community Capacity Building

What is the Wakool Community Foundation?

The Wakool Community Foundation (WCF) is a community-run philanthropic not-for-profit organisation that will build stronger Wakool Shire communities through the use and involvement of local people, local ideas and local solutions to meet local needs. This creates flexible, involved and responsive community philanthropy.

The WCF will enable communities to help themselves through involving local people in:

a) Making grants to carefully selected local charitable projects;

b) Building long and shorter-term philanthropic funds by developing philanthropy within and for the community;

c) Creating partnerships between community organisations, local businesses, government agencies and committed individuals for the benefit of the local community; and

d) Gaining skills and experience through participation in the Foundation itself, via funded projects, and through training and pilot programs.


Mission of the WCF

In general terms, the mission of the WCF is to provide for the enrichment of the economic well-being and quality of life for Wakool Shire communities by:

·         Developing a permanent endowment to help businesses, social enterprises and communities to become self-sustaining;

·         Assessing and responding to emerging and changing business and community needs;

·         Empowering people to participate in managing change in their community;

·         Providing a vehicle and service for donors with varied interests and levels of giving;

·         Serving as a resource catalyst for charitable activities in the community;

·         Providing local leadership; and

·         Creating new partnerships within the community.


Benefits of the WCF for the Wakool Shire Communities

·         Perpetual ‘local’ community support mechanism that better responds to community needs;

·         Consolidates and builds charitable capital to maximise benefits for communities;

·         Enables donor development (increased fundraising); and

·         Supports and encourages community leadership


Proposed Wakool Community Foundation

·         Independent from Council – separate trust managed by a local Board of community representatives;

·         Application for $2m from Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program;

·         Possible redirection of Council annual community grant scheme through Foundation;

·         Potential to attract a further $2m from donors and philanthropic organisations over next ten years; and

·         Funds to be managed by Funds Manager (i.e. Bendigo Bank) to maximise return on capital

·         Return on capital distributed through annual community grants


Leadership Group

Alex Anthony, Les Gordon, Neil Gorey, Tracey Domaille, Ed Glowery (Legal), Keith MacQueen (Bendigo Bank – funds management), Wes O’Neil (Financial), Gary Kerr


Role of the WCF Leadership Group

September and October 2014

·         Consult with key civic leaders (including state and federal politicians) to gain acceptance and commitment

·         Brief key community organisations and leaders

·         Identify potential sponsors from community groups

·         Hold further public meetings to expand idea

·         Assess incorporation options

·         Decide on proposed objectives, structure, administration, Board structure and budgets

·         Oversee preparation of Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Fund application (to be lodged by Wakool Shire Council on behalf of proposed Foundation)


How Can You Help?

Email your letter of support and details of any projects that you thing the WCF could assist with to Gary Kerr, Economic Development & Tourism Manager, Wakool Shire Council at gary.kerr@wakool.nsw.gov.au by 17 October 2014