Water Impacted Communities Alliance

Wakool Shire Council is leading a Water Impacted Communities Alliance (WICA) initiative to transition the local economy to meet the challenges of the future.

Ongoing impacts from the Murray Darling Basin Plan, National Parks (River Red Gum) Act 2010 and climate change will require the implementation of a Structural Adjustment Package for businesses and communities in the Wakool Shire and broader Mid-Murray region of NSW over the next ten years.

Transformation is being forced onto the Wakool and Mid-Murray communities creating adversity and uncertainty – but also creating windows of opportunity to examine and consider significant adaptions and transformations.

The transformation journey is a collective effort, requiring the knowledge and skills of those on the ground working collaboratively with those outside.


WICA Overview (PDF) (449.67 KB)

Managing Change: Australian structural adjustment lessons for water, CSIRO Sept 2005 (PDF) (550.64 KB)

Strengthening Basin Communities Central Murray — Scenario modelling results, Deliotte Access Economics, November 2011 (PDF) (687.61 KB)