Engineering Services

Engineering - What is it? What are Engineering Services?

Generally, people think Roads and Bridges.  Whilst this is the bulk of our Councils Engineering responsibilities, it covers a far wider and broader range of services including:

Pedestrian Access - Bike/Walking Paths, Local Emergency Plans, Risk Management, Stormwater, Water, Sewerage Schemes, Parks, Playgrounds, Cemeteries, Noxious Weeds, Aerodrome, Rural Addressing just to name a few!  So as you can see Engineering Services is a very broad term. 

Our Engineering Dept has a budget of approximately $7M - not including the huge project currently underway through Auslink & Roads to Rice Funding.

Council has seventy five (75) bridges, forty five (45) of these being of timber construction and tries to replace two (2) bridges per year, utilising a combination of it's own labour and contract. Regional Roads, Local Roads etc.

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