Dog Registration

For millions of Australians, dogs and cats are part of the family.  In NSW around 80,000 dogs and cats are lost, hurt or stolen each year.  Most are impounded and are not able to be identified.

Under the Companion Animals Act, cats and dogs throughout NSW must be identified with a microchip by the time the animal is 12 weeks old.  Once the animal is microchipped, these identification details are entered into the NSW Companion Animal Register.  A certificate is issued to the owner with the identification details.

The permanent identification (microchipping) and lifetime registration scheme greatly assists authorities in return lost and injured animals to their owners. Once microchipped and registered, your pet is protected for life.

How do I register my pet?

Step 1 - Permanent Identification through microchipping

The microchipping procedure is no more painful than a vaccination and is carried out the same way.  Microchipping can be arranged through our local Vets (Border Vet Clinic 03 5453 3159)

Once your cat or dog has been microchipped, then you need to lifetime register it by 6 months of age.

Step 2 - Registration through Council or the NSW Companion Animals Register

Lifetime registration can be done at Wakool Shire Council or via the NSW Companion Animals Register.  All NSW Councils are connected to the state wide register. Alternatively, you can complete this online form: Lifetime Registration

When you register your pet you will need:

1.  A certificate of microchipping or a letter from your vet
2.  Proof of de-sexing from your vet or a statutory declaration
3.  Any documents which entitle you to a discount (i.e pension card)



Dogs must be microchipped before being rehoused or before 12 weeks of age (whichever comes first).

Registration Fees are a one off payment (as long as they stay within current State) & are as follows:

  • Desexed Dog - $52
  • Pensioner (Aged or Returned Services) with Desexed Dog - $21
  • Recognised Breeder (non desexed) - $52 (has to be registered with State Canine Authority or have Council consent as breeder)
  • Non Desexed Dog - $192
  • Working (farm) dogs and assistance animals (guide dogs, hearing dogs, etc): No Charge.

Please note: Working dogs do not have to be microchipped or registered but must wear a collar bearing the dogs identification (name & phone number). However if a working dog commits an offense (is picked up wandering) and is impounded it cannot be released until it is registered and microchipped and the owner will be fined for having a wandering dog - approx $320.

Dog owners are also responsible for the following:

  • Leash your dog when in a public place and make sure the dog is under effective control at all times.
  • Pick up your dogs waste.
  • Ensure your dog does not attack a person or other animal.
  • Make sure your dog does not enter food consumption areas, wildlife protection areas, school or child playgrounds or within 10 metres of child playground equipment or any other place which Council has made a prohibited area to dogs. 


Change of animal details

It is your responsibility as a companion animal owner to ensure that the NSW Companion Animals Register is up to date and correct.  Contact Wakool Shire to provide the updated information.

Changes that need to be notified are:

  • Animal dies (notification within 28 days)
  • Lost animal - The animal has been missing for more than 72 hours