Regional Weed Strategy – Murray Catchment

This Strategy was prepared after consultation with a wide range of stakeholders across the Murray Catchment. It provides strategic direction for the management of weeds in the catchment and is recognised with in the Murray Catchment Action Plan, as it addresses a specific action in that document. It aims to provide a coordinated weed management regime for the entire catchment.

The significant impact weeds have on the Murray economy, environment and community has long been recognised. Until now a clear strategy providing a coordinated catchment wide approach to weed prioritisation and management has been absent.

The Murray Regional Weed Strategy provides strategic guidance for weed management across the Murray catchment and gives clear focus for community and government investment in addressing this issue.

The cost of weeds to Australian Agriculture now exceeds $4 billion per year with almost all the plants involved originating overseas. Of more than 28,000 plant species introduced into Australia over 2500 species have become naturalised. Of those species that have become invasive in recent decades, 65% originated from garden plantings.

The Strategy outlines the following:

  • Basic Introduction
  • Developing the Strategy
  • Implementing the Strategy
  • Other Relevant Information - Principle Implementing committees

The need to develop a catchment wide weed strategy was initiated by the Eastern & Western Riverina Noxious Weeds Advisory Groups. This strategy provides a comprehensive direction for weed management in the Murray catchment, giving clear directions for community and government (state & Local) investment in weed management.

Land managers and others concerned with weed management in the Murray catchment were consulted to establish outcomes. The agreed vision for the strategy is:

"Minimise the economic, environmental and social impacts of existing and new & emerging weeds in the Murray Catchment through coordination, cooperation and commitment from weed managers and the community".

Stakeholders also determined:

  • Current weed problems
  • A system to rank weeds into priority groups
  • Aims, objectives and actions for implementation

A copy of the Regional Weed Strategy is available by contacting Council's Noxious Weeds & Environmental Officer - Stephen Battenally on 0427 513 982.

For more information about the Regional Weeds Strategy – Murray Catchment, click here.