Weed Warriors

Weed Warriors - What is Weed Warriors?

Weed Warriors is an innovative program of interactive learning and hands on experience that provides participants the opportunity to learn about invasive pest plants, a major environmental menace to Australia, and to become part of the solution to the problem.

Weed Warriors recognises children as the natural resource managers of the near future, and develops unique partnerships between Local Government and the community to facilitate and support their involvement in the classroom rearing and field release of biological control agents for local priority weed species.

Biological Control?

Biological control is the management of a weed using natural enemies from the weed's country of origin. Through the Weed Warriors program students have the opportunity to breed biological control agents such as the Horehound plume moth, Bridal creeper leafhopper and Patterson’s curse flea beetle.

Together we achieve more

As Weed Warriors, students become actively involved in the management of a local weed problem when they join with local weed officers, land managers and community groups to implement a biological control program for a regional priority weed. The weed species targeted and biological control agent reared will reflect weed problems that occur in the local area.

Together they plan, act and evaluate solutions to weed problems, greatly contributing to the stewardship of local places.

Program Details

The Weed Warriors program generally last 4 - 6 weeks. Throughout this time program participants are taught the skills needed to breed, release and monitor the impact of the biological control agents through the provision of resource material and through active participation in the process.

Who is the Program Targeted At?

The Weed Warriors Program is adaptive to all levels of education although the program is most often targeted at years 3 - 6 in primary schools and 7 - 9 in secondary schools.

Benefits of Becoming a Weed Warrior

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of weed related issues
  • Empowering and engaging capable communities in weed management
  • Fostering a partnership approach to weed management
  • Providing inovative and challenging teaching and learning outcomes for teachers and students
  • Contributes to the stewardship of local places

Local schools are participating in Weed Warriors Program each year, which involves the eradication of horehound, by the release of horehound plume moths.

Councils Noxious Weeds Officer, Stephen Battenally, will work with the students on the eradication of the horehound. The program starts this week with students learning about horehound and growing the insects needed for eradication by biological control. In several weeks, students will release their insects in specified locations and then watch for results.

More information can be obtained on the Weed Warriors Program by contacting Stephen Battenally on 0427 513 982, or email here at stephen.battenally@wakool.nsw.gov.au