Parks & Recreation Reserves

Council maintains various parks, gardens and sporting fields in the towns and carries out works ranging from mowing to irrigation and landscaping. Parks in each town are in a state of continued improvement with automotive water systems having being installed in some areas.

Recreation reserves in each town are maintained by Section 355 Committees with Council offering dollar for dollar grant to these various groups, annually for maintenance and capital improvement works.

If you require further information please contact Councils Engineering Services on 03 58875007 or complete & submit an online request form below

The parks and reserves in Wakool Shire include:



Riverside Park

Noorong Street Playground

Recreation Reserve


Recreation Reserve

Recreation Reserve

Recreation Reserve

Howard Park - Playground

Centenary Recreation Reserve

South Recreation Reserve

Lake Reserve

Flotmann Park Reserve

Triangle Park Reserve

Chenu Walk - Park

Grabu Park

Billabong Riverside Park

Polys Park

Noorong Area

Recreation Reserve

Tooleybuc Township

Mensforth Park - Playground Reserve

Recreation Reserve

Wakool Township

DC Thomas Park

Cook Street Plantation

Recreation Reserve

Murray Downs Estate

Murray Downs Park

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