Environmental Services

In this section of our site you'll find environmental services information including waste and recycling, health information for businesses, dog and stock information as well as information of parks and weed control.

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This Department is headed by a Director of Environmental Services, Mr Paul O'Brien.  Key responsibilities of this Department include, but not limited to:

Public Health

Provide public health services and promote best practises to maintain sound public health standards throughout the Shire

Building Maintenance

Maintain Council and community building infrastructure

Building Control

Provide an effective, competitive building approval process within the Shire, while maintaining standards and good design

Animal Control

Provide animal control services throughout the Shire


Investigates and enforcement of complains received

Waste Management

Provide waste management services to the Shire community and to encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling practises

Land Use Planning

Administer statutory land use planning processes in conformity with LEP and DEPs

Strategic Planning

Monitor and review the Strategic Plan, development of Local Environmental Planning Policy, strategy and structure plans

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