Environmental management

What Days is the Garbage Picked Up?

Wakool Shire has a dual garbage system, ie 2 bins.  Garbage (red 120L bin) & Recylcing (yellow 240L bin).  Garbage (red bin) is picked up weekly and Recycling (yellow bin) is picked up fortnightly.

Residents of Barham, Moulamein and Wakool are requested to place their bins on the top of kerb with handles facing property on Thursday nights before Friday morning pick up.

Residents of Tooleybuc, Koraleigh, Goodnight and Murray Downs are requested to place their bins on the topof kerb with handles facing property on Tuesday nights before Wednesday morning pick up.

Is there any Guidelines for Smoke Alarms?


These guidelines have been produced in a combined effort from NSW Rural Fire Services and NSW Health. When fire occurs in your home, your chances of survival are twice as good when smoke alarms are present. Smoke alarms, when properly installed and maintained (following the manufacturers instructions), provide early warning when fire occurs. Early warning increases your chances for survival.


Follow the manufacturers instructions

Fruit Fly - What are the Facts? How Can I Help?

Fruit Flies are the World's Worst Fruit Pests


Fruit flies lay eggs in all fruit (except pineapples) including tomatoes and some other vegetables as well as fruits of flowering ornamental trees and shrubs


Fruit flies lay eggs in maturing or ripe fruit NOT in blossoms or very young fruit


To reduce fruit fly attacks, always pick fruit early

The Owner/Occupier of any Premises is Advised:


To report suspected infected fruit to your Local Dept Agriculture