What Days is the Garbage Picked Up?

Wakool Shire has a dual garbage system, ie 2 bins.  Garbage (red 120L bin) & Recylcing (yellow 240L bin).  Garbage (red bin) is picked up weekly and Recycling (yellow bin) is picked up fortnightly.

Residents of Barham, Moulamein and Wakool are requested to place their bins on the top of kerb with handles facing property on Thursday nights before Friday morning pick up.

Residents of Tooleybuc, Koraleigh, Goodnight and Murray Downs are requested to place their bins on the topof kerb with handles facing property on Tuesday nights before Wednesday morning pick up.

A copy of the 2010 Garbage/Recycling Calendar for each of the above is available for printing &/or viewing to obtain correct dates for recycling by clicking on the link below

Recycling/Garbage Calendars 2015

Replacement bins in leui of damaged or stolen ones can be arranged by contacting Councils offices.

Additional bins (if require more than one of each bin - extra charges apply) may be organised by contacting Councils rates Department at the Moulamein Office on 03 58875007.

Some Rural Properties are able to be included in the Garbage Service, depending whether garbage run already goes past the gate, please contact Councils Waste Management Section at the Barham Office on 03 54533200.

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