African Boxthorn: fast growing and invasive

Council is currently in the process of controlling the noxious weed on roadsides and reserves, as well as inspecting private properties throughout the Shire.

Wakool Shire’s Noxious Weeds & Roadside Environmental Officer, Stephen Battenally said Council conduct private property inspections to ensure noxious weeds are being controlled in a manner that complies with the Noxious Weed Act.

“If untreated African Boxthorn can spread at a significant rate, so when identified they should be treated immediately.”

“Council will be able to assist residents and property owners with methods to best manage these weeds and any others on their property,” he said.

The most efficient time to control African Boxthorns is during May, June and July.

Possible methods of control include; foliar spraying with an approved herbicide, cut/paste method and mechanical removal.

For any enquiries or for further information, contact Council’s Noxious Weeds & Roadside Environment team at the Moulamein Office.