Australian Government Mobile Service Centre Assistance

This specialised vehicle offers a wide range of face to face and self service assistance for rural families, older Australians, students, job seekers, people with disability, carers, farmers and self-employed people.


You can visit the Mobile Service Centre:

BARHAM- 30thAPRIL 2014. 9am-4pm, Mellool St.

MOULAMEIN- 1st MAY 2014. 9.30am-4pm, Brougham St.

Experienced specialist staff travel with the Mobile Service Centre and provide friendly, face-to-face service, information and support. Our staff can assist you with Centrelink, Medicare, Australian Hearing and Child Support payment and service options. They are specialists in rural servicing and live and work in the communities they serve. If the assistance you’re after is not available, arrangements will be made for someone from the relevant organisation to contact you.

For more information, go to and search for Mobile Service Centre or call 132 316.