Basin Plan: Let the numbers do the talking- make a submission.

Council is encouraging people to contact the General Manager in writing over the next month with either general comments or more specific concerns and evidence, such as impacts on small businesses, community groups and the irrigation district, to be included in the submission it is currently preparing.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for people to submit their concerns to the MDBA, so we will happily include the thoughts & stories of the community that need to be heard. Please ensure you take the time to forward them in," said Wakool Shire Mayor, Cr Andrew Douglas.

Council is also urging local community groups, businesses and individuals with concerns or thoughts on the draft plan to make submissions to the MDBA directly during the current consultation period, closing April 16th.

Fact sheets, developed by the Murray Group of Concern Councils, are available through Wakool Shire to provide people with direct access to relevant information regarding the plan and how to make their own case heard.

"Writing any sort of letter or submission can be a task that is often off-putting, but this issue is too important to let slide."

"The information available is there to help give people the best chance of putting together a logical, relevant and clued-up case via their submission," Cr Douglas said

Council also said that a brief view of the submissions that have been received by the MDBA to date shows that there is a number of campaign submissions coordinated by green groups flowing into the Authority. 

"These sorts of submissions may not hold the same significance as those that have been uniquely prepared by community or business but it is still vitally important that our views are well represented- this means the more submissions the better," Cr Douglas added.

Those looking to write a submission are reminded of the importance to reference who you are and why the Basin Plan matters to you, what impacts of the Basin Plan you are worried about and why, and what you expect a good Basin Plan to look like.

"The future of our community and irrigated agriculture is at risk so we need to unite as a district and let the government know that the plan as it stands is not something this community will sign up to."

"Please either directly submit your thoughts to the MDBA or pass on your comments to council over the next month- we cannot afford to have our communities scarified via the debacle that is the Murray Darling Basin Plan," Cr Douglas said.


Click the download below for the fact sheet put together by the Murray Group of Concerned Communities about the local impacts of the Basin Plan and how to make a submission.

Council also has the following material available at its offices:

Catchment by Catchment Booklet

Delivery a Healthy Working Basin Booklet

Plain English Explanation of the MDBA Plan

How to Make a Submission - Postcards

MDBA Fact Sheet

You can also go to to find out how to make a direct submission.  


mdba fact sheet (PDF - 491.08KB)