Tests have revealed the presence of Blue Green Algae in the Edwards River at Moulamein and the Murray River at Barham, Tooleybuc and Murray Downs.

This alert level warning indicates that waters are unsuitable for recreational use or primary contact by domestic users and may also pose a threat to livestock.

Council’s potable (filtered) water systems are not affected, as the water is treated through the filtration plant.

Council strongly recommends that where the only source of water is from the raw system, that an alternative source of water for household use ie drinking, cooking and personal hygiene be arranged.

We advise all water users to avoid drinking untreated water from the river system and also to avoid contact with any water which appears discoloured, or exhibits a musty or septic odour, as blue-green algae may cause skin and eye irritations or gastroenteritis if swallowed.

Boiling the water does not remove toxins and users should not cook with affected water.

Livestock owners are reminded to continue to check stock water supplies for blue green algae and to remove stock from foreshores where surface scum is visible or blue green algae are suspected.

For further information please contact Council’s Water and Sewer Supervisor on 0428 324 886.