Digital Switchover

If you are missing a channel on or after North Central Victoria and The Central Mallee’s retune date of 24 September; you should retune to ensure you continue to receive all available free-to-air digital channels. 

Retuning is simple – for most systems press the “menu” button on the remote and follow the prompts to retune. If you have difficulty retuning you should refer to the manufacturer’s handbook, ask a friend or family member for help, visit the Digital Ready website, or call the Digital Ready Information Line 1800 20 10 13 from 8am to 10pm (AEST), 7 days.

If you find channels haven’t changed, you may be receiving a signal from a different TV transmitter. You can check to see which channels should have changed in your area by entering your address into the ‘get retune info’ box on the website. In some cases, certain digital equipment will automatically retune itself. This means you won’t need to do anything.