Draft LEP Ready for Next Stage

 A report regarding the plan and the zoning maps will now be submitted to the NSW State Government Planning and Infrastructure Department, requesting the draft LEP go on public display for residents' consideration.

Following the state government's authorisation for the document's display, the draft plan will then be on public exhibition for 42 days.

Wakool Shire Council General Manager Bruce Graham said the endorsement of the draft LEP by Council was a landmark decision, given the amount of work and consultations with state agencies involved.

"While Council adopted the draft LEP, there were strong concerns about the accuracy of maps provided by the State Government Office of Environment and Heritage which show land that is considered to have biodiversity values because of the presence of significant vegetation or fauna," Mr Graham said.

"Therefore, I will be seeking to resolve this promptly to enable public exhibition to occur as soon as possible."

Mr Graham added that it was anticipated the draft LEP would be ready for public exhibition within a few weeks.

"As part of the formal LEP process, following endorsement by Council, the draft first must go to the NSW State Government, who will then certify that the document is able to go on public exhibition," Mr Graham said.

"Once the draft LEP is ready for public exhibition, Council plans to hold workshops and provide factsheets and other material to explain the LEP to the community."

Following the display of the draft LEP for 42 days and consultation with state government agencies, the draft document and submissions received will be reported to the next Council meeting. It is aimed for this to occur at the Council meeting in December and, if the draft LEP is endorsed at the meeting, the document will then be submitted for Ministerial approval with final approval targeted for April next year.

Mr Graham said although it had been amended at various stages, the current LEP had been in place for 20 years and that as part of the NSW Planning Reform Agenda, all councils were required to prepare a new LEP.

"It is also timely for the shire to update its LEP in ways which reflect the changing public environment and promotes economic growth of Wakool Shire," he said.