Murray Darling Basin Plan - Mayors Response

"Why even bother having a consultation process for the basin plan if the Federal Government is just going to ignore the outcomes and change it as they see fit?" Cr Douglas said.

"They have just come right in over the top of the process, the draft plan, the community consultation, the ministerial council. It smacks of wedge politics and is disgracefully the current mobs' stock in trade.

Cr Douglas added that it was obvious the Prime Minister and her seemingly relegated Water Minister Tony Burke couldn't care less for proper processes when the opportunity for political point scoring presented itself.

"Ill-considered, long-dated promises designed to placate the South Australian Premier are no solution for the Murray Darling Basin.

"We previously had a degree of faith in the process put in place by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Minister Burke, however the announcement on Friday simply reinforces the fact that this outfit cannot be trusted," Cr Douglas said.

"I suspect that once the details of these extra environmental flows are made public, it will once again be the small communities that will be the hardest hit by the new target.

"The announcement on Friday shows that we should have absolutely no confidence in this so-called independent process for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan," Cr Douglas added.

"When I saw the call for more modelling of an additional 450 gigalitres of flows recently it was very obvious this mob were up to their dirty old tricks again.

"Some focus group in Canberra or Bondi had got the backroom boys up at ALP Headquarters excited - so lo and behold they wheel out the Prime Minister down at the Murray Mouth with their latest "good idea". It's completely absurd.

"There also seems to be a distinct lack of stance from the Federal Opposition Leader on this crucial matter despite some of his own affected members vocalising their disapproval of the plan. It gives you a real lack of faith in our country's political leaders," Cr Douglas said.