Outcomes from our December Meeting

Investments - 30th November 2012 and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Following on from questions during last month's meeting regarding Council's investments, a presentation was provided to Council from the CEO of WAW Credit Union, Peter Challis. Mr Challis explained that WAW operates under the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), which regulates banking institutions in Australia. Mr Challis also explained that under APRA, there are clear regulations regarding protecting consumers' money (the Banksia Financial Group was not regulated by APRA). APRA look after $4 trillion in assets for 23 million Australians and regulates most members of the superannuation industry.

Formation of S355 Committee to manage and deliver construction phase of the Barham Boardwalk

Council endorsed the formation of a S355 Committee to manage and deliver the construction phase of the Barham Boardwalk under Section 355 (b) of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Following an advertising period, expressions of interest were received from four people for the committee. Council appointed Sandra McGowan, Peter Membrey, Cr Anthony Jackson and Faye Ashwin to the Committee, with Cr Colin Membrey as chair.

Swimming Pool Amendment Act 2012

A report was presented for information regarding a number of amendments to the Swimming Pools Act 1992, aimed at increasing the safety of very young children around backyard swimming pools. Under the changes, all pool owners will be required to register their pools on a new state-wide online register, which is being developed and will be available by the end of April 2013 at the latest.

In consultation with the community, Council is required to develop a swimming pools inspection program by no later than the 29 October 2013. Council will also issue compliance certificates where an inspected pool barrier complies with the Act.

Flood mitigation measures - DA 33/11 (Rivergum)

A report was presented for information regarding flood mitigation measures proposed by the developer of the Rivergum development (Yarrien Street) in Barham.

This development is subject to provisions of Amendment 7 to the Wakool Local Environmental Plan 1992 (LEP) which rezoned the land to 2(V) Village or Urban Zone.  Amendment 7 includes clauses regarding flood mitigation measures, with provisions that any levee must be to the satisfaction of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

The report recommended that the developer continue to negotiate with OEH in relation to proposed flood mitigation measures. The Director Development Services has also offered to facilitate an onsite meeting between the developer, Council and OEH.

Cr Colin Membrey declared a conflict of interest in the item due to his position as a director of another company with development interests in Barham, and left the chambers during the presentation and consideration of the report.





Request to reduce developer contributions - DA 33/11 (Rivergum)

Council approved a request from the developer of the Rivergum development in Barham that, in lieu of full payment of developer contributions, land be dedicated to Council and that Council defer payment of these contributions with payment for each lot be made to Council at the sale of each lot. All land dedicated to Council will be declared as operational land.

Cr Colin Membrey declared a conflict of interest in the item and remained out of the chambers during the presentation and consideration of the report.


Proposal: Grants Officer

Council has approved the creation of a limited-tenure (three years) full-time Grants Officer position for Wakool Shire Council. The position will identify and assist Council and community groups with the preparation and administration of grant applications and provide assistance and guidance to existing and expanding businesses in the Shire in regard to grant applications.

Funds will be allocated for the position in the next Quarterly Budget Review.


NSW Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme

Council will make an application for the subsidy of its timber bridge replacement program (of up to $2.5 million), to the NSW Government's Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme Round 2, which offers an interest subsidy of 3% for infrastructure backlog works.

Engineering operations report

An information report was presented regarding works carried out or planned for December 2012. Some of these works include:

·         The 2012/2013 resealing program stage one has been completed, with stage two to be completed in March 2013. Line marking of the resealed sections is also complete.

·         Fire breaks maintenance is taking place on Keri Keri Road.

·         Re-sheeting/ flood repair works have been completed on Waugorah Road and Loorica Road.

·         Impimi Road re-sheet limestone has been completed.

·         Patching has taken place across all areas.

·         Slashing continues on all Shire and main roads.

·         The Wakool sewerage plant ponds are almost complete, with the final pond expected to be completed by Christmas. It is anticipated that residents will be able to connect to the system in January.


Raw water intake structure - Barham Township

Council approved the design of the new raw water intake structure in the Murray River in Barham, behind the Council Office. The new structure is to replace the current raw water intake structure, which is in poor condition. The design of the new structure matches in with the proposed design for the Barham Boardwalk and will cost $109,050 (of which $50,000 has already been set aside), which will be included  at the next Quarterly Budget Review.


Mayoral Minute - Koraleigh Tennis Club - S355 Committee dollar for dollar maintenance grant

Council has approved a request from the Koraleigh Tennis Club seeking assistance to have fungal growth removed from the tennis courts (which is causing the surface to become slippery after rain) on the Koraleigh Recreation Reserve under the S355 Committee dollar for dollar maintenance grants program. Council will contribute half of the $7,700 required to clean the courts.

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Please note, the next Council meeting will be held on 20 February, 2013.