Road Train Routes

The routes would consist of Pretty Pine Road from Tallow Street, Carne Street, Barratta Street and Pretty Pine Road to the Shire boundary. The Maude Road from Tchelery Road to the Shire Boundary and Burraboi Road from Burraboi to Wakool and Wakool Road to the Shire Boundary. The routes through Murray Shire have been approved as have the routes through Conargo Shire with restrictions of seasonal use. The Burraboi route is currently B-Double approved.


The requirements for Road Train approvals are

  • Traffic volumes
  • 6m sealed width
  • Compliance with turning templates and swept path widths
  • Overtaking opportunities
  • Structural requirements for bridges, and min width of 7.4m
  • Community acceptance
  • Referral to the Traffic Committee

The applications relate to the anticipated heavy rice harvest and a requirement for road transport to Deniliquin. The routes have been inspected and trialed through Moulamein and apart from one narrow culvert (7.0m) there are no impediments. Approval is recommended with no conditions.

Traffic Committee Comments

The Traffic Committee have considered the routes and deemed them satisfactory for the intended use.