Special Rate Variation Information and Submissions

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Proposed Rating Structures 2015 - 2018

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Wakool Shire Council General Manager Bruce Graham said Council felt it needed to have a conversation with the community about the proposed special rate variation and the options available.

“The freeze on indexation for Local Government Financial Assistance Grants for the next three years has resulted in a $2.4 million cumulative impact over the next decade – a five per cent loss of revenue,” Mr Graham said.

“This loss will have an effect on our existing service levels, including maintenance of rural roads, parks and gardens, roadsides and the continuation of the timber bridge replacement program. It could also potentially see the loss of some services.”

The consultation sessions will present Four special rate variation (SRV) options:

“All options below are inclusive of yearly rate pegging increases and increases will remain permanently”

     Option 1 – Rate pegging increases only (3%) and reduce levels of service and review capital works program.

     Option 2 – SRV of 7% in 2015/16 to maintain existing service levels – s508 (2) of the LG Act.

     Option 3 – SRV of 14% over two (2) financial years commencing in 2015/16 - s508A of the LG Act.

  o   Same as Option 1 plus;

  o   Advances the replacement of additional three (3) timber bridges.

  o   Negates the need to borrow $1.3 million over two financial years 2022/23 – 2023/24 for the timber bridge replacement program.

    Option 4 – SRV of 20% over three (3) financial years commencing in 2015/16 - s508A of the LG Act.

o   Same as Option 2 plus;

o   Advances the replacement of an additional four (4) timber bridges by 2024/25

The option to not apply for a special rate variation will also be discussed at the consultation sessions.

“This is a scenario we will talk about with the community and how it will affect what people see on the ground in their communities, such as maintenance,” Mr Graham said.

The community consultation meeting dates were:

Week 1

• Monday, 24th November – School of Arts Hall, Barham

• Tuesday, 25th November –Wakool Club, Wakool

• Wednesday, 26th November – Moulamein Club, Moulamein


Week 2

• Tuesday, 2nd December – Murray Downs Fire Shed, Murray Downs

• Wednesday, 3rd December – Tooleybuc Club, Tooleybuc

All meetings start at 5.30pm.

Following the consultation sessions, a report will be presented to Council at its January 2015 meeting, where it will decide whether to continue with the special rate variation process.

If Council elects to continue with the SRV process, an application will be made to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal by the middle of February. The special rate variation would commence in July 2015.