Wheels are still turning for HACC bus

The bus was officially launched in early 2013 as an alternative method of transport for people who have difficulty getting into normal vehicles or who are in wheelchairs.

Over the past 12 months the bus has provided transport for the Barook Activity Group, Wakool Social Group, Men’s Group activities and also launched into the very popular Wakool Express Service which provides day trips to locations outside of the shire.

The vehicle is not for hire to the general public but available to like interest groups, subject to available days and times.

“The bus has proven to be an invaluable addition to our services and has provided even greater assistance to those with difficulty accessing normal transport options,” said HACC Services Senior Program Coordinator, Shirley Davies.

“Thank you again to cluBarham for their support and sponsorship of this service.”

For more information call Wakool Shire Council HACC Services on 03 5453 3500.