Young people to help educate on the benefits of desexing pets

Council said thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanased each year across our State because not enough homes can be found for them – we have an ‘oversupply’ of pets.

“Many cats and dogs are bred by accident, because owners don’t get around to desexing their pets” said Wakool Shire Compliance Officer, Mark Birrer

“In our local area, the failure to desex cats in particular is a very big problem; it is possible for cats to breed from as young as four months of age.”

“Every year our local Vet Clinics are inundated with cats and kittens, and they are simply unable to find a home for them all; desexing goes a long way to helping stop this oversupply,” he said.

The competition will see young people creating a design for a postcard that can be used to support the message about the benefits of desexing.

The winning design will win $200!

“The idea behind the competition is to encourage young people to learn about the positive effects of desexing companion animals whilst also helping us spread the message through their creativity,’ said Wakool Shire’s Communications & Events Coordinator Courtney Dean.

“It really is time to reignite education regarding pet desexing so the winning design will be used on a postcard in future education campaigns,” she said.

What to do to enter: head to the competition section under our featured programs on the home page and download a copy of the desexing fact sheet. In your drawing aim to include one of the messages or benefits included in the fact sheet...for example; ‘desexed cats are much more calm’.

The competition closes on the 3rd January 2014.

For more information head to the website or contact Council’s Communications and Events Coordinator Courtney Dean on 03 5453 3200.