Young people showcase life in Wakool Shire

Outback Theatre for Young People’s Illuminate project is connecting the towns of Barham, Wakool and Moulamein with performances over a three-week period, with a new Australian play entitled, A Town Called Mills Acre.

This project is designed to bring everyone from the Wakool Shire together, to show the communities what young people can do and have some fun.

Through collaboration and conversations with local communities and their young people, professional theatre artists Angela Frost and Richie Hallal have developed a play that captures what lies in the heart of the communities of the Wakool Shire. Featuring a core cast of 5 teenagers and an ensemble cast of up to 100 students, A Town Called Mills Acre is the young people’s gift to their community.

The main character, Shelby McCoy and her family run an irrigation rice farm. Their livelihood comes under pressure due to changes in water access, environmental concerns, and the growing fear of an uncertain future. The McCoys are forced to question their own lifestyle and the very fabric that holds their community together.

This is a heartwarming story of a family paving their way forward through innovation, creativity and courage. Alongside their community they remain resilient, hopeful and connected.

Artistic Director Angela Frost says “This play presents a message of hope, and a celebratory presentation by the young people of the Wakool Shire and the bush and the rivers that are our lifeblood.”

Richie Hallal foresees that “This play will be an unforgettable experience, don’t miss it”.

Written and devised by Jesse Buchanan, Shanelle Faul, Angela Frost, Richie Hallal Katherine Loomes, Annie Stewart and Eddy Wilson

Featuring original music composed by Sean McConnell



Wednesday August 21, 7.30pm

Preview, Barham School of Arts Hall


Core Cast: Wednesday August 28, 11.30am

Full Cast: Friday August 30, 7.30pm


Core Cast: Wednesday September 4, 11.30am

Full Cast: Saturday September 7, 7.30pm


Core Cast: Wednesday September 11, 11.30am

Full cast: Friday September 13, 7.30pm

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased on the night