Plumbing and Drainage

From 1 January 2013 Fair Trading became the state's single plumbing and drainage regulator for all on-site plumbing and drainage work.
NSW Fair Trading has delegated inspection and enforcement powers to regional councils currently conducting plumbing and drainage inspections.

The 2012 plumbing reforms were part of a state-wide initiative by the NSW Government to provide a more consistent and effective approach to standard setting, on-site regulation and licensing in NSW.

As part of the plumbing regulatory framework, Fair Trading licenses plumbers and drainers under the Home Building Act 1989, and all plumbing and drainage work must be completed by a person who holds a licence, qualified supervisor certificate or tradesperson certificate. In addition, a system of on-site regulation ensures that NSW plumbing and drainage work is monitored, so it complies with technical standards and regulations.

What does this mean for plumbers and drainers in regional NSW?

For plumbers and drainers working in regional NSW (that is work outside of the areas where Sydney Water and Hunter Water are the water and sewer provider) you continue to contact Council to book inspections, pay inspection fees, submit documentation and for any other enquiries.