What are the requirements for the installation of a new swimming pool?

Written approval is required for the installation of an above ground or in-ground swimming pool. Therefore residents are required to submit a Development Application, Construction Certificate, or a Complying Development Certificate application and obtain formal approval from Council, or a Private Certifier, prior to any works commencing.

Where can I build a swimming pool?

All applications for swimming pools will be considered on their merits, having regard to the siting, design and size of the proposed structure. A swimming pool should be located a minimum of one metre off the side boundary and within the rear portion of the property.

Consideration may be given to a proposal to construct a swimming pool in front of a home subject to there being no adverse impact on the adjoining properties or the streetscape.

Pool Fencing Requirements

All new swimming pools (both in-ground and aboveground) are required to be isolated by a swimming pool fence, which complies with the requirements of the Swimming Pools Act, 1992 and associated Australian Standard. You can obtain more information about swimming pool fences here.


As with any proposed development, consideration to landscaping to soften the proposed and suggested development is often recommended. In relation to new swimming pools, consideration to landscape screening between the pool and boundaries may assist to minimise noise and increase privacy to neighbouring properties. Any proposed landscaping should be included on submitted plans and documentation.


Fees for all development within the Wakool Shire Council LGA are calculated on a sliding scale dependent on the cost of the intended work.


Adjoining neighbours may be notified in writing of any proposed development where there is a potential or likelihood to impact on the amenity of the surrounding neighbours. Council is required to allow a period of 14 days to receive any written submission by neighbours. If a written submission is received, Council’s officer will assess the concerns raised and try to mediate the concerns to achieve a win/win situation for all parties.

What details are required?

  • A site plan nominating the proposed location of the swimming pool in relation to existing site structures and boundaries.
  • Swimming pool specifications listing type, construction materials and capacity
  • Extent of cut and fill (if applicable).
  • Location of required child resistant barrier (swimming pool fencing system).
  • Details of proposed filtration systems and location of subject filtration equipment.
  • Basix Certificate (for all pools with a capacity > 40,000litres) with relevant commitments referenced on plans
  • Structural engineer’s details (where applicable) are also required to accompany the application.

Further Information

For further information on swimming pools, contact Council’s Development Services Department on (03) 5453 3200 or e-mail: