Private Native Forestry

Private Native Forestry is the sustainable logging of native vegetation on private property.

Following changes to the Native Vegetation Act 2003 on 1st August 2007, harvesting of timber for the purposes of private native forestry (PNF) will require approval through a Private Native Forestry property vegetation plan (PNF PVP) that ensures environmental outcomes are improved or maintained.

A PNF PVP is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landholder and the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC).  A PNF PVP is comprised of a map of the property, identifying that part of the property that is subject to the PVP, and a declaration that the forests identified in the PVP will be managed according to the Code of Practise.  The map identifies areas that can not be logged as rainforest, old growth forest, steep land and riparian exclusion zones.

A new code of practice has been developed in conjunction with the changes to the Native Vegetation Act.  This document sets the minimum operating standards for harvesting in private native forests.  The Code of Practise establishes a regulatory framework for hte sustainable management of such forests by ensuring that operations improve or maintain environmental outcomes.

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