Application for Road Opening - Channel Crossing/Pipe Under or Through Roads

Prior to carrying out works to either install new or replace existing channel crossing, pipe or culvert through, or a pipe under, Councils Road consultation needs to be had with our Engineering Department.

Traffic control considerations are to be made by the Engineering Director or Works Manager/s.

An application form is available below. Also available is a design requirement diagram which can be downloaded as well.

Fees associated with the application are listed on the form, however it is advised that prior to lodging the form with monies that you discuss the works with our Engineers as costs and/or conditions may vary in specific circumstances.

A bond of  $2425 is required to be lodged prior to any works commencing, whether crossing or boring through the road. The bond is refundable, if works are carried out & completed to Councils specifications. 


Application for Road Opening- Works Consent Form 2015-2016


Typical Traffic Control Plan (PDF 31KB)