Pedestrian Access & Preferred Routes

Council has a Pedestrian Access & Preferred Routes Guidelines for Barham, currently, in development.

The Aim of this is to define and justify a framework of pedestrian routes within the town of Barham as a basis for servicing and encouraging walking.

With the local community's support for the pedestrian routes.  The project can be constructed in stages as available funds allow.  Such that each intersection be fully completed to the schedule priority.

The priorities are being chosen to enable the staged funding and construction as well as practical convenience for users according to perceived community needs, and can be varied as required.  Sections and staging will also allow the total path length to be utilised existing footpaths and streets as appropriate.

Upon its completion the walking path will be a great asset to the community, in providing access to facilities, recreation, social and cultural activities within the town of Barham.  It will connect the various areas and provide a link to the town centre and enable tourism activities to share the town and river environs.

Council envisages a similar plan for each town within the Shire.

Contact Details

  • Wakool Shire Council - Engineering Dept
  • Phone: 03 58875007