Where Wakool Shire is up to With Rural Addressing

Council has resolved to introduce Rural Addressing in 2008/09 and made provision in its Management Plan of $45000 for the installation of numbers.  As part of a joint initiative with Department of Lands and Council, the first steps of data collection for Rural Addressing Project, commenced in August.

Council provided a staff member to accompany a representative from Department of Lands.  During the data collection process it is necessary to drive and measure distances of every Shire Road, and recording every occupied property with permanent residence along the way directly into database system utilising odometer, GPS & online mapping technology.  As you can imagine, quite a time consuming task.  Each property has been allocated a number (if two houses on property – both allocated a number).  The number relates to the distance from main road intersection with property access road. 

The data collection process has been completed.  Department of Lands is currently collating the data and once finalised the data will be returned to Council for integration with the rates system.  Naming of all roads is the next step, preliminary discussion with neighbouring Shires has commenced. 

Council is required to advertise all road name proposals under the Roads Act, Section 162 before considering submissions and then applying to the Geographic Names Board for formal registering of the name.  Most roads within the Shire have not been formerly named, and whilst many of the commonly known names will be used, some will change.  Of particular interest is the Regional Roads System, and associated names.  Suggestions are attached.   

The final phase of the project will be for Council to erect road name signs and installation of numbers at each property entrance – whether on gate posts or a stand alone post with numbers where gate posts not visible from main road.  It is an ongoing process, as land is subdivided and houses built new numbers will need to be allocated.  Also included in the project is ongoing maintenance of the numbers.  The aim is to be in line with the rest of NSW and emergency services requirements to be able to identify properties when the need arises, to avoid confusion from local jargon being used. 

Letters to rural and rural residential land holders within the Shire will be distributed outlining what their new property address and number is, why have one, what it is for and when to use it.  This will enable anybody who has been missed or where only one house has been allocated a number & two exist for example, to contact staff so we can correct the data.  Also a listing of properties with corresponding property numbers, including GPS co-ordinates, will be provided to the emergency services for their records.


What is Rural Addressing?  Attached is an information flyer that outlines what Rural Addressing Is and the Purpose behind it. The Flyer is available for printing &/or viewing by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. 


Contact Details

  • Wakool Shire Council - Engineering Dept
  • Phone: 03 58875007
  • Fax: 03 58875103
  • mail@wakool.nsw.gov.au


Information Flyer on Rural Addressing (DOC 20KB)