Funding - Roads to Recovery & Auslink

Funding from the Federal Government under its Roads to Recovery Program enabled the following:

  • Completion of widening and sealing of hte final 5.0km of Koraleigh Road
  • New construction of a 1.0km length of Speewa Road

Auslink Funding

Council commenced work under the Federal Governments Auslink Program. Works are valued at a little over $21M with completion scheduled by June 2010.  Works involve the construction of new sealed roads, Noorong, Tulla and Jimaringle.  Rehabilitation and widening of parts of the Barham Moulamein Road and Wakool Road as well as the replacement of 8 timber bridges with five new concrete structures.

  • Completion and sealing of 5.4km of Noorong Road
  • Commencement of the replacement of 3 Noorong Road Bridges with one
  • Rehabilitation of parts of the Moulamein Barham Road
  • Completion of the replacement of 2 bridges with Niemur No 1
  • Commencement of the replacement of Edward No 1 Flood bridge



Again whilst the funding is welcome from the Federal Government, some interesting points are made:

  • Local Government does not have the ability to tax for roadworks and is dependant upon other spheres of Government for its road funding
  • The Federal Government is sharing with Local Government approximately $0.6 Billion in Roads Funding
  • The Federal Government receives $16.0 Billion in Fuel Tax
  • Local Government is responsible for 85% of the Roads System and spends $3.8 Billion on roads
  • The State Government spends approximately $2.8 Billion on Roads
  • The Federal Government spends approximately $2.5 Billion Roads
  • Councils Road funding per year is approximately:
    • $2,139,000 for Local Roads & Bridges
    • $1,772,000 for Regional (State Government) Roads & Bridges
    • $770,000 for Town Streets, Parks etc

Councils share of Road Funding is totally inadequate and both Federal and State Governments are being urged to address the problem.

Contact Details

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  • Phone: 03 58875007
  • Fax: 03 58875103