Stormwater - Gross Pollutant Traps

Project Summary

Installation of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT)

The objective of this project is to reduce pollutant loads to rivers within the Shire of Wakool, with the installation of two (2) Gross Pollutant Traps to each town of Moulamein and Tooleybuc.




The Shire of Wakool has a population of 5,400 covering six (6) townships that include Moulamein, Barham, Murray Downs, Tooleybuc, Koraleigh and Wakool.

Each township is situated beside a river or channel system and the stormwater drainage systems consist of small catchments discharging direct into these outlets.

The Council is committed to eliminating litter and sediment to the river system over a number of years and the Council has prepared a Stormwater Management Plan for the township of Barham as required by the EPA.

Moulamein is located on the banks of the Edward River, with a population of 450, and is the administration centre of the Shire of Wakool.

Tooleybuc is similarly located on the banks of the Murray River, with a population of 250, which serves as a small tourist township located on an Adelaide/Sydney Route.

What We Did - How it will work 

Council staff will maintain and monitor the traps. Furthermore, the community and particularly Schools within Moulamein and Tooleybuc will be involved in education and monitoring of these traps.

Rocla Cleans All Gross Pollutant Traps were utilized.

Total cost of this project was $131,000, which included extensions and alterations to outlets in order to concentrate flows through a minimum number of Gross Pollutant Traps.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Stormwater Trust provided a matching grant of $64,000.

Stormwater Drainage

Council's stormwater drainage system in all towns consists mainly of kerb and gutter and open drainage flow.  Barham and Moulamein are both protected by flood levees and pumping system exist in both towns.  Barham has areas impacted by short term pumping capacity and Council has a program of upgrading this system to alleviate flood problems.

Contact Details

  • Wakool Shire Council - Engineering Services
  • Phone: 03 5887 5007
  • Fax: 03 5887 5103


Stormwater Monitoring - Contamination Table (PDF 10KB)

Locality Maps of Gross Pollutant Traps (DOC 79 kb)