Preparation of Food For Sale


There are several requirements of an area to be used for food preparation, which include:


                   The area must be suitably enclosed to assist with the control of flies and animals to the food area


                   The floor of the food preparation area is to be of an impervious (ie waterproof) surface that may be cleaned as required to prevent dust. Tents must have a floor capable of being swept and kept clean (plastic tarp). NOTE: Carpet is not permitted in food preparation areas.


                   Cooked or prepared foods are to be presented in suitable wrappings, containers or packages.




                   All packaging and food wastes are to be disposed of into the bins provided at the site.


                   Food scraps are not to be left in food preparation areas. Dispose of waste immediately.


                   Utensils (including cutting boards) are to be kept in a clean condition.


                   Smoking is not permitted by persons while preparing, cooking or serving food.


Handling Food


                   Persons handling food for sale must do so hygienically. Disposable latex gloves must be worn.


                   Money must not be handled by persons preparing food without washing hands between food preparation actions or changing gloves.


                   Staff handling food should be suitably dressed and of neat and tidy appearance.


Storage & Display of Prepared Foods


                   Foods prepackaged for sale to the public are to be correctly labeled (eg ham, tomato & cheese sandwich).


                   Storage bins and containers for foods must be of food grade plastic, stainless steel, aluminium or cermanic with tight fitting lids.


                   All foods are to be stored off the floor of food preparation areas.


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                   Hot foods are to be kept at or above 60 degrees C.


                   Cold foods (ie dairy goods etc) are to be kept below 5 degrees C.


                   All foods must be covered. Bread rolls, buns etc must be wrapped so as to protect that food from likely contamination and stored in a refrigerated area.


                   BBQs are permitted outside of enclosed areas with suitable catch trays for fats & grease.


Hand Washing Facilities


                   A handbasin or similar handwashing facility is to be provided in all food preparation areas, with hot and cold water (wash basin & urn).


                   Waste water from the basin is to be collected and disposed of in a suitable manner.


                   Handwashing (soap or dispenser) facilities are to be provided.


                   Paper or cloth hand towels to be provided.